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The Missing Links

Between You and Your Physician

I don’t care if I am in the grocery store, the gym or sitting at a concert.  The topic of health is bound to come up.  As many of you know I have spent the last three years developing the 360Menopause brand.   The reason I started that website was because I saw to many women suffering through menopause and having no idea what to do next.

Now I am moving onto the next big exciting chapter in my life.  So many people have asked why I just focused on menopause when many of the things I am telling individuals applies to everyone.  So I am now branding myself as a women’s health expert.  I almost see myself as the Jack LaLanne of fitness or the Dr. Mercola of women’s wellness.

My goal is to assist each and every one of you to live an awesome, vibrant life.  And guess what, women are the foundation of familes and communities.  They are the change.  You see if I can empower women, they will change others.

So what is my focus?  It actually has evolved.  I provide women with simple steps to improving their health and well being.  You see, prescription drugs should be the last resort, instead we should be looking at the root cause of the problem.  Manytimes, it is right in front of our faces.   Anyone can make positive changes, if they have the support, accountability and next steps to do so.

Many of our ailments and disease are the result of how we are living our lives, including menopausal issues.  No longer can you take a back seat to your health because the government, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industries are not exactly on your side.

I am here to educate you and what you can do now.  Not tomorrow and not next month.  The change you make today will impact your tomorrow.  Put your health and well being first.

Take some time to look around on the site.  There are products, services and testing available to change your life!

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